Sonido Sur

«My work is in the intersection of music, storytelling and quantum energy. I create opportunities for individual and community recomposition following the teachings of my indigenous elders and practices from India.

Recognising myself as native I recognise too my work is in service of all, Earth and Universe.
Returning to the roots is a source of magic» – Pyky

About my work


Here we rock!
Rocks are elders of all. They hold all the melodies of
the universe. To them I go and sing. Concerts in nature, venues and festivals. Check my tour dates. Maybe I’ll be playing around your corner.

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Ancestral practices teach us to understand cosmic events manifested in our body-mind and vice versa. Every full and new moon I offer a ceremony to sit in circle and share a native understanding of life. Circles are ancient methodologies to grow. No hierarchy. We all share and receive advice from nature and the cosmos. We meditate, chant, dance, play and practice active listening developing our intuitive wisdom. The circle is powerful to make aligned decisions and exercise community. To sit and listen is a practice of wisdom – say the elders.

I also hold rites of passage ceremonies for children and adults. Essential to the recomposition of the self and the community which our elders call the new humanity. Each ceremony is according to the stage of life a person is entering to. 

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Workshops and Retreats

I will guide us through different practices and exercises in an approach to the spirit of nature. Through games and interaction with our self, the people around us and nature we will rewire our senses. A space for adults and children.
Be open to movement, stillness, singing, being curious and being creative. 

These are healing encounters for body and mind. You can develop new dimensions of awareness. Dimensions in which we connect with nature and energy. Dimensions in which we recognise that the invisible is spirit holding life together.

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Upcoming Events




Concerts      ▆         Ceremonies   ▆              Retreats       


12.11.23 / 17.30h

New Moon Ancestral Pedagogy Circle

26.11.23 / 17.30h

Full Moon Ancestral Pedagogy Circle

Berlin, Germany


02.12.23 / 10-17h

03.12.23 / 10-14h

Seminar on Vedic and Andean Practices w/ Swamin Sacchidananda Prem

Berlin, Germany


Music Meditation Stories Circle

A prayer for a new humanity w/ Yasemin Vollmond

Berlin, Germany


1st-5th, 2023
Meadows in the Mountains Festival
Polkovnik Serafimovo, Bulgaria

16th-18th, 2023

Pura Vida
Brandenburg, Germany

23rd.28th, 2023

Sacred Dance
Prague, Czech Republic

29th, 2023

Documentary Film: 
Kiva - The Call of the Wisdom Keepers
Berlin, Germany





4th, 2023
Full Moon Ceremony
Berlin, Germany

16th, 2023

New Moon Ceremony
Berlin, Germany


10th-13th, 2023
Kiva Ceremony
Dennenlohe, Germany

Music & Stories

Listen to my music recordings, sound healing pieces, storytelling, online videos and soon stories turned into books. 

You will find bits and pieces in different platforms. Make sure you let yourself click around, lay back and listen consciously.


ATA in Muiscubun our traditional Muisca language, the language of the native people of the territory where I was born and grew up, refers to number One. The meaning of ATA reaches beyond. It is soul. It is origin. It is beginning. It is unity. It is totality.

ATA is for me the birth of a sound. A commitment. A prayer shaped as an album to remember where we come from for the thriving of this mother planet Earth. The origin of this album is exactly 9 years ago. A conception which begun with me moving into Europe. A transition which in the physical brought me far from my origin, but in the invisible dimensions it brought me closer to my native being. An album honoring my ancestral indigenous roots and the Muisca people.


Energy Work

Harmonising body and mind

When energies are out of balance and thoughts are becoming enemies to our peace, our ancestral traditions say we need to harmonise. Based on the wheel of medicine, this treatment uses the understanding of ancestral wisdom, the five elements, the seven directions and nature to support energy flow. These sessions combine Reiki, sound healing and ancient energetic practices. This harmonising work brings balance to your body and mind.

A one to two hour session will release physical and mind stress bringing balance to you. After this the mind will be at ease. The body will be rested. You will be able to approach life from new perspectives. It helps resolve difficulties. It allows energy flow when it is blocked. These sessions enhance your trust. It is raising awareness to focus on what you are meant to. It will support you in developing your own true universal purpose. 

These sessions can be held in person or online. 

Give an energy session as a present to someone you care for.

A Three Sessions Treatment is recommended for a round deepening into your inner universe. Reiki, Sound Healing and Cleansing Ceremony. 

Each session is a space to relax and enjoy a timeless time. Let yourself be taken care of by sound, words and ancient magic. Each session brings you closer to reconnect to your native spirit. Feel invited to complement this growth assisting to the Moon Ceremonies.

A healing session is a chance to open to new dimensions of consciousness.
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